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Product Name: CW-05 retention agent resin Color Removal Chemical for paper mil
Product Type: Chemical Reagent -> Others
Product spec: Wastewater treatment
Post Time: 2018-10-23
Description: Brief Deion: Water decoloring agent CW-05 resin for  retention agent used in the paper mills. Specifications: Appearance: Light color liquid Solid Content:      ≥50% Specific Gravity at 20°C: 1.1-1.3 PH Value (30% Solution): 1.5-3.0 Viscosity(25°C,cps): 5-50 Solubility: Soluble in Water absolutely at Any Rate Package: 30kgs / 250kgs / 1250kgs drum Storage Temperature: Room temperature Advantage: 1. high efficient decolorizing flocculant 2. used as retention agent in the paper & pulp processing 3. Faster sedimentation, better flocculation 4.Less sludge produced than other inorganic coagulants Application Field: 1. Mainly used for, printing, dyeing, paper-making, ink  waste water treatment for textile. 2. Also can be used for color removal treatment for dyeing high-colority waste water. 3. Can be used in the production process of paper & pulp as retention agent.. Application Method: 1. The product shall be diluted with 10-40 times water and then dosed into the waste water directly.  After several minutes, it can be precipitated or air-floated to get clear water. 2. The pH of the waste water should be adjusted to 6-10 for better result. 3. polyaluminum chloride, but not mixed together. In this way, the treatment cost can be lower. Whether polyaluminum chloride used earlier or later depends on the flocculation test and the treatment process.
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